Frequently Asked Questions

You asked. We answered. You deserve to know the truth.

Do you guys really treat only Bermuda and zoysia grasses?

Yes. It’s kind of odd for a lawn company, but we have built our program and model around these two types of grass. We like to work with Bermuda and zoysia because they are more drought tolerant, have fewer insect and fungal issues, and are just really nice to be on. They are our favorite grasses and we have a great plan for them.

Would you guys be willing to make an exception and treat my St. Augustine lawn?

Nope. See above

What is included in the Premium Package?

Pretty much everything… All Turf Fertilizers, Weed Controls, Pre-emergents, Insect, and Disease Controls. All Shrub Fertilizer, insect and Disease Controls.We also spray your mulch and rock beds for weeds every visit for no charge… How can we give so much for so little?  See our “2 out of 3” Video

Can you explain your billing?

We add the cost of all services you will receive over a 12 month period and divide that into 12 even payment for your convenience.We invoice on the 1st of the month, and you can pay anytime you’d like. If you are not paid by the 20th your Credit Card is then charged. Credit Cards are the only form of payment we accept. 

Do you guys have contracts?

No. You can quit anytime, but if someone were to quit in late fall, we would have to add up the services we did and the payments made by the client. they would then likely get an invoice for the difference.

How do I cancel service?

Email us and if you can let us know why, so we can improve our services moving forward.

How often do you guys come out?

We do monthly visits. The work is very heavy in the summer visits, but lighter in the winter months.I have found that Monthly visits keep everything even. We see things before they really become a problem and get them turned around…Normally our charges would reflect that, but we break down the yearly costs into 12 equal payments for convenience.

How long until my lawn looks amazing?

It depends on the current condition of your lawn, your irrigation, and your landscape (tree canopy, soil condition, etc). If you have a decent lawn with a lot of good grass, then it will take just a few treatments to start seeing huge results, even if you have a lot of weeds. If your lawn is in really bad shape and needs a lot of renovation work then you should expect a longer turnaround.

How often do you treat my property?

It depends on the program you choose. For our turf only program it would be 8 visits (about every 6 weeks). For our Turf + Shrub plan and the Turf + Shrub + Flower Bed plan it would be 12 visit (monthly)

How long do we have to stay off the lawn after a treatment?

We ask for you to wait until it’s dry. This could be 10 minutes or 30 minutes depending on how hot or humid that day happens to be.

How can I get a hold of someone?

You can leave a message and we will call you, but we encourage you to see if you can find your answers on our site.Many people call and ask questions because it’s easier, I get that. However, we would have to hire another person just to answer questions.That would hurt our efficiency and raise your prices.

How much experience do you guys have?

John has over 30 years experience in the industry.

What makes you different from other companies?

There are a lot of companies in our industry. Some are doing some great things and others are just plain awful. We have two turf experts/entrepreneurs here at Mister Bermuda which means we have an insane amount of knowledge and experience. We have built many companies and we know what people want, what the lawns need, and how to run a great business.

We also just focus on the Bermuda + Zoysia which is different. This  allows us to be truly great on those grasses.

This company is about service and creating a great experience for the customer, not just making money. We have already founded other successful companies and do not need to rely solely on this one for income. That gives us the freedom to create the company we’ve always wanted. We can put time, all the knowledge we’ve accumulated, and care into what we are building. We can use the best products. We can really do things the right way!

How does your pricing compare to others in my area?

We have found that our pricing is very competitive for the area. We recommend calling around and getting proof for yourself. We are not the highest and we are not the lowest. For the service we give, you’ll find it to be an amazing deal.

Are you eco-friendly?

We do not advertise ourselves as an organic or eco-friendly company, but we are very conscious about what we use and how we use it. We use a lot of organic fertilizers in our lawn program along with organic soil conditioners. Our shrub program uses organic fertilizers. For our weed control in beds we use an organic product (an organic Roundup alternative). For lawns we practice CSC (Common Sense Controls) including spot treatments, smart products that don’t run off, and very well trained techs. We both have children and love the outdoors so we are very protective of it!

How often should I water?

The answer to this one is a little tricky. There is no one size fits all rule for this. It depends on how much volume your irrigation system puts out, the soil type below your lawn, the grade of the lawn and much more. It’s going to be different for everyone, but your goal should be around 1-1.5 inches per week during the growing season. It’s better to water heavier and less frequently than every day. For example, watering 2 days a week for 30 minutes each day is better than watering 6 days a week for 10 minutes each day.

What time of day should I water?

We recommend watering your lawn and shrubs early in the morning. You don’t want to water at night. If the lawn sits wet all night you could get a disease. Start your watering early in the morning around 4am so that the cycle is done before the day gets too hot and the sun is beating down.

We also just focus on the Bermuda + Zoysia which is different. This  allows us to be truly great on those grasses.

How often should I mow Bermuda?

With Bermuda and zoysia, you really need to mow them weekly. (Some people like to mow twice a week.) If not, you will have a hard time with weeds in the lawn. These grasses are thicker down by the roots and thinner at the top of the blade. When the grass gets too long, it can’t fight off or choke out weeds. The weeds will crowd out the grass and eventually take over.

How high (or low) do I mow my lawn?

Bermuda and (most) zoysia grasses love to be mowed lower. Bermuda can be cut as low as ½ or ¾ inches (like a golf course).

How low you can mow depends on how smooth your ground is. If the ground is bumpy or not smooth, mowing lower can scalp parts of the lawn, which can do serious damage. We do have a service that can help level the lawn by rolling them in the winter.

Whatever height you decide to mow at, you need to start mowing at that height in April. With these types of grasses, you want to avoid changing mowing heights during the season. The lawn has a ‘memory’ and it gets used to the height. If you change the height mid-season you could risk your lawn going brown for weeks or even months

What kind of mower do I use?

We highly recommend using a “reel” mower if possible. It’s fine to hire a service that does not use reel mowers. But we really love reel mowers. These blades seem to cut the grass cleaner than rotary blades. It really depends on how involved you want to be and the expectations you have for your lawn’s appearance.

Do you aerate?

We do a liquid Aeration with all of our Turf Packages at no extra charge. We can do a Core Aeration in May or June as well for an extra charge.

Do you mow lawns?

No. We found it difficult to compete in an industry that over 50% of the vendors do not even carry General Liability Insurance.

Can you fix my sprinklers?

Not yet, but we are working on adding that service

How long should I be watering my lawn?

That depends on the volume your system puts out. An irrigation audit needs to be done to answer that question.Here is a link that shows how to do that audit on your system

Most areas are restricted to 2 days a week. You need to get at least 1” of water down per week, but 1.5” to 2” is better.

What ares do you service?

The Northern Austin market (Georgetown, Leander, Cedar Park, Liberty Hill, Round Rock…)Why only these areas? See our “2 out of 3” Video

What is your guarantee?

We guarantee to do everything that we can to give you the best looking landscape possible.

What are your favorite bands?

If you read our about us page you will know that we are a bit music obsessed. It has nothing to do with lawn care but we can’t help it. Here are some that we both agree on and love:

The Smiths, Radiohead, Brain Eno, John Prine, The Cure, The Beautiful South, Galaxy 500, The National, Iron & Wine, Coldplay, and Trashcan Sinatras, to name a few.

Why Customers Choose Mister Bermuda

Experience and Expertise

30+ years experience in the lawn and tree care

Great Customer Care

The best customer service you’ll find in the industry

Holistic Approach to Your Property

We won’t just spray and leave – but will help get to the root of the problems

Only The Best Products

We use the highest quality products, even when it is more expensive for us. We never skimp.