Vertical Carbon Feed™

The Uncommon but Essential Vertical Carbon Feed™

While there are a lot of lawn care companies out there, when you begin your search for the right fit for you, it’s important to find one that continues to research new ways to improve the quality of your lawn. At Mister Bermuda, we love the science behind our methods, and when we find new research or new techniques that are providing incredible results beneath the surface, we are always eager to “dig in” and discover whether or not this new information could benefit our clients.

It’s for this reason that we choose to include vertical carbon feedings as a component of our lawn care treatment plans.

Why We Choose to Vertical Carbon Feed™

You won’t find many lawn care companies providing this type of service – in fact, as far as we can tell, we’re the only company in Texas offering vertical carbon feedings. This specific treatment plan focuses on treating microbes within the soil, enabling them to reproduce and multiply, which in turn gives grassroots everything they need to increase their mass by at least 30%.

The product we use is carbon-based, and 100% organic, and is applied to the leaf and crown of the grass. From there, it makes its way down the plant’s vascular system and into the roots, increasing the energy and carbon levels of the plant and then promoting microbe biological population and activity. Through this process, your roots are able to thrive due to the increase in nutrients.

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If you truly want a healthy lawn that you can enjoy year-round, choosing a lawn care system that includes Vertical Carbon Feed™ is critical. Give us a call today to schedule your introductory consultation or to discuss any questions you might have about our treatment plans, methods, or the science behind our service list.

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