Fertilizer Turf

How We Serve You

We all dream of that beautiful lawn.

You know the one. It’s the lawn that your children can run through barefoot as they play outside. The lawn where you can enjoy a nice game of frisbee, bag toss, or even an afternoon of reading in the sun. The lawn where your dogs can roll around, chase butterflies, and play catch all afternoon.

Yes, we’re talking about that beautiful lawn that will leave your entire neighborhood green with envy.

But how do you get that lawn?

If you’re not interested in the technical side of how we’ve chosen our fertilizer ingredients and how we specialize in two primary types of grass that thrive here in Texas, go ahead and skip down to the “Let’s Get Started” section. We realize that the science behind our process doesn’t excite others nearly as much as it excites us! However, we are diving into greater detail below to show you that there is a scientific and well-researched strategy behind the services that we offer.

The Why Behind Our How

When we first begin to work with you, we start with a home or property visit to “get to know” your lawn. Much like families and their homes, every lawn is different and requires a unique approach to help it thrive. Once we get a good understanding of your lawn, it’s current condition, and the quality of the soil beneath, we can recommend a specific line of treatment and fertilization.

Our services are focused on Bermuda & Zoysia Grass within Texas, which means that we are fully experienced in preparing your soil to both sustain and promote growth throughout the year. We’ve created a custom-blend fertilizer specifically designed to treat soil within our region, which geologists refer to as the Edwards Plateau.

Because of our location within this region, the biggest problem that lawns face is not having enough soil on top of exposed limestone. For this reason, we strongly recommend organic-based feedings, which is why we start with our fertilizer.

Our fertilization process includes eight treatments that combine highly effective organic feedings with insect, disease, and weed controls to boost your soil’s life and help it achieve health and vigor, which will provide you with a pristine yard that will be the envy of all your neighborhood.

Depending on what time of the year it is, our fertilizer treatments will vary. For example, during the summer (the growing season), we want to give your soil the nutrients it needs to help the grass grow, spread, fill in, and tighten up, which will promote root growth throughout winter and help them store carbohydrates. We provide the right fertilizer that will develop a strong root system and lead to a better and more lush turf the following season.

Let’s Get Started

If you are unhappy with your lawn’s current condition and/or appearance and are interested in speaking with us about how we can turn it into THE LAWN of the neighborhood, take a moment to reach out to us. We schedule a time to come by your home, perform an analysis of your lawn, and then provide you with a customized quote.

The secret to a beautiful lawn isn’t hours of work on your part. It’s having a team of professionals who understand the ins and outs of your soil, your breed of grass, and how you want to enjoy your lawn. Mister Bermuda has the experience and expert knowledge necessary to make your dream lawn a reality. Contact us today to get started.