Insect and Disease Control on Turf

How We Serve You

The damage that mites, mole crickets, and armyworms can do is quick and devastating.

Unfortunately, getting a disease/insect problem in a lawn is easy to do due to the damage and stress we cause on our own lawns (walking, playing, digging, moving, mowing). This makes it easier for a disease to come in and attack the lawn. Then, when the turf is weak from stress and disease, insects move in and finish destroying it. For this reason, we focus on building a strong and healthy soil and lawn capable of fighting it off naturally.

Our Insect and Disease Control System

Insects and disease control is included in our treatment process. That means if you have any issues during the year we will take care of it for you. Our experience has shown that working to promote healthy soil and grass is the best way to prevent an influx of insects or the appearance of disease.

If you see insects or are seeing spots in your lawn or even a full section that seems to be dying, it’s important to call us. We’ll respond right away in order to immediately treat the problem and prevent additional damage or loss.

In addition, some grass types are prone to disease and need preventative treatments. When that is the case, we apply preventatives as part of our regular service and treatment process. program. (Ex: Zoysia Patch on Zoysia lawns)

Contact Us Today

If you’ve noticed anything strange in your yard, such as yellowish or brownish spots (especially if you don’t have a dog or outside cat), please reach out to us immediately before it spreads into a larger area. We’ll respond quickly to address the problem. If you’re not already a client of ours, we can discuss a treatment program for you that will work to prevent future insect or disease infestations.