Weed Control on Turf

We Focus on Weed Prevention

Just like any other landscaping or lawn care company, we firmly believe that weeds have no place in your yard. Not only are they unattractive, but they can quickly leech nutrients out of your soil that your lawn requires to thrive and choke out your healthy grass.

A general weed killer is a quick and effective solution, but then you’re left with dying weeds, which can also affect the appearance of your lawn. This is exactly why we recommend a treatment plan that helps to prevent the growth of weeds instead of addressing them after they’ve already begun to grow.

Our Weed Control System

Weeds can be spread through wind, air, footsteps, and animals (just to name a few), which can make it tough to maintain the weed-free lawn you dream of. In addition, there are over 30 types of lawn weed in our area, and they have different life cycles and germination cycles. To combat this, we’ve designed an effective 24/7 Weed Protection Plan for our clients.

We begin by helping you adjust your watering and mowing routine in order to promote a solid and thriving turf, which is one of the best weed controls you can utilize. From there, we’ll use a range of pre-emergence herbicides, specific to your type of grass, that will help minimize the germination and growing of weeds. This will be done using spot-spraying rather than blanket-spraying, which means that you get better results with less pesticide used.

If you’re still seeing weeds pop up in your yard at any time, you can reach out to us, and we’ll spot-treat those weeks at no cost through our Lush and Green Guarantee.

Ready to Permanently Eliminate Weeds?

Give us a call today to schedule your introductory appointment. We’ll take a look at your lawn, identify any problem areas, and walk you through our treatment process, in addition to answering any questions you might have about your lawn or our services.