Water Lock Treatment

Reduce Watering. Increase the Benefits of Natural Rainfall and Irrigation

A well-watered lawn is a beautiful lawn.

While there is far more to lawn maintenance than that, it is an absolutely essential component of the process. If your lawn doesn’t have access to moisture, then it doesn’t have a way to grow and maintain health. Trying to remember to water your lawn when it doesn’t rain on a regular basis can be frustrating and expensive depending on the size of your lawn, which is exactly why we recommend a Water Lock™ Treatment.

The Importance of Water Lock Treatments

Rainfall is the best water we can use on our plants. It does not have additives, the pH is just right, and it’s completely free! Unfortunately, it doesn’t always rain when we need it to, which is why it’s important to give your lawn’s root system a way to hold onto moisture.

Our Water Lock™ treatment is designed to be applied at the surface level and to help your turf retain water for longer periods of time. It does this by acting like microscopic arms on the soil that are capable of reaching out and grabbing available moisture (rainfall), storing it, and releasing it slowly over the next few weeks as your grass needs it. This treatment is also capable of capturing any moisture that’s being drawn towards the atmosphere (humidity) then converting it into a liquid for the lawn and plants to drink.

While that all sounds extremely complicated, it essentially means that even on dry days, your soil has access to the moisture it needs to continue to grow and thrive, leaving you with a beautiful lawn year-round without extra watering or maintenance.

Ready to Talk About Your Lawn?

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